About AfSC

The 3rd General Assembly of the African Seismological Commission (AfSC3GA2020) will be held in Kasane, Botswana on 28 June–4 July 2020. This is the third event in the biennial AfSC General Assembly series, and the first Commission’s GA to be hosted in Southern Africa. We wish to extend invitations not only from the African countries but also from the global scientists.

The Third GA will provide a new model for the participation of scientists from Africa, including youth and women in science. Together with participants from around the world to articulate results, ideas, approaches and innovations in support of continental needs for seismic disaster risk reduction. The GA will promote minimization of loss of human life, property damage and socio-economic disruption due to earthquakes in Africa.

The AfSC3GA2020 will furnish a distinctive global multi-disciplinary platform for scientists interested in seismological research in Africa and other geological settings around the world to share their findings and exchange data, knowledge and ideas.

The GA will foster collaboration and partnership opportunities as well as potential research themes that are specifically focused on Africa along with being of global interest. It is hoped that the 3rd GA will articulate strategies that could improve techniques for earthquake disaster risk reduction through identification of seismic hazards, building safer structures, and providing public education on earthquake safety.

Building on the success of the previous General Assemblies (GAs), the AfSC3GA2020 will facilitate the formulation of new frontiers of research and foster multi-sectoral participation through provision of interdisciplinary scientific sessions including seismic network operation, earthquakes monitoring, seismotectonics, earth structure, seismic hazard assessment and public education and outreach, among others.